SEO Consultant David Forer

My Personal Story

I am a father to Derrick, a husband to Kalpana, a son of Roger and Carol and D4 to my close friends. My journey has been a long and fun one, that has made me who I am today. Every person I have come into contact with has helped write this story. I was adopted at an early age and my parents raised me as an independent thinker. The decisions that shaped my life were truly my decisions to make even as a young adult. It was this freedom to make mistakes and learn from them that has served me well over the years. I have learned how to handle the adversity that comes with change and challenge. Equally, this trust and belief in myself has allowed me to become a career changer later in life–not once, not twice, but three times! The people who know me best say I am a dedicated, funny and loyal team member. I always try to bring a creative and positive energy to the workplace. I am a person who values learning and is constantly trying to upgrade my knowledge and skills, be that in cooking, digital marketing, coding or…sports statistics. Complacency is something that is not allowed in my household!

My Professional Story

As a young adult, my first two jobs were as a farmer and a cook at McDonald’s. These positions taught me about the value of work ethic, which is a thread throughout my career. I started out in sales early; yet, sales was always a job to me, never a passion or career. Can I sell? Yes! Do I enjoy sales? Sometimes. Do sales define me? Never. From there I sold mortgages for the next 15 years, including managing several mortgage branches that were very successful. When I finally decided to get out of mortgages, I helped run a law office doing debt settlement and bankruptcies. My role was to handle customers and the marketing. While doing this, I realized I had a passion for websites and online marketing, so I started teaching myself what I could. Going forward in other companies, I continued in marketing but took on operations as well as internet marketing and driving leads.