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Is a Competition Analysis in SEO Important? Find Out Now

It's human nature to compare ourselves to others. We go through life as comparison clones to other job applicants, apartment applicants, and of course, athletically. It is almost bred into the nature of humans to compare what you have with ...
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How to Remove Spammy Backlinks

Have you wondered how to remove spammy backlinks?

I must ask you a question... Do you know how to remove spammy backlinks? No doubt, if you are here, you might feel you need to remove some bad backlinks , spammy backlinks, or low-quality links. Those links could are ...
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Local SEO For Coffee Shop

Local SEO Checklist for a Small Business Owner

What is a Local SEO Checklist and Why do we need it? Local SEO is optimizing your website for local searches in a search engine. That then begs the question, what are local searches? You probably use them every day ...
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passion for seo

Small Business Owners Guide to Image Optimization

Have you ever been to a website or read a blog post, and there were no images? I can't honestly think of a place, other than some informational forums, that didn't have pictures all over. Why? As much as we ...
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The Local SEO Path

Small Business SEO Services

Hello, fellow small business owner. You have no doubt come to this article looking for some advice about small business SEO services. As a veteran of the industry, I will explain most of the different services and the ones most ...
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Google Ranking Drop

Small Business SEO: What to do with a Google Ranking Drop

Watch out if your analytics are down, you may have a Google Rankings Drop to figure out! It happens all the time in every business that depends on its website to deliver leads or sales. All of a sudden nothing ...
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small business seo questions

Consumer Behavior Questions: A Business Owners Guide to Finding Them

Why Use Consumer Behavior Questions? When doing content for your website, one of the best ways to generate ideas is by finding consumer behavior questions your prospective clients are asking. In general, if you can answer all their questions in ...
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Small business marketing services

Small Business Marketing Services

Small Business Marketing Services for a Busy Owner You own a business. Living the American dream as a small business owner! You're also helping your community with excellent service and providing jobs to some deserving residents. Your ultimate goal is ...
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