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Analytics: Analytics is the discovery and interpretation of data that is captured for a website. Generally speaking, most people think of Google Analytics as the main driver of this data. I am Google Analytics certified with experience in Google Search Console and Tag Manager.

On the very first day of getting access to your analytics account, we will ask you some questions. The most important would be what items do we need to answer for your digital marketing to be successful. Once you know what that answer is, you can then capture the data to solve it! Most people start capturing data without any goals, and that is contrary to what data is used for.

Account Collection

Once we know what the goals are we will set up your account the proper way through Google Tag Manager or Analytics tracking code. We then make sure that you have all of the tracking in place to get the answers you seek. We also set up those goals in your reports so that it is easy to look at and determine how we are meeting those goals. Understanding the meaning behind the numbers and taking action based on that new understanding is what will make your analytics a success!

Account Management

Ongoing management is critical to making sure that we are getting all the information we need. We monitor your account to make sure all the events are firing correctly when people visit. If e decide we need to make changes to get clarification on something, we will also make those changes for you.

Account Analysis

Don’t confuse reporting with analysis! Once we have the data, we need to ask questions and find the answers in our data. Things like why is that page generating more buzz than this one takes some analysis so that you can make changes elsewhere. Looking at the time spent on page and click thru rate will open up more discussions about improving your website.

Data Solutions

Our data analysis is where we decide how we will solve the questions or issues raised above. We will implement the solutions based on what our data says. Many times this data will show us the path we need to go and sometimes it may take a little elbow grease to figure out the path!

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