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PPC Services in Cape TownPay Per Click: An advertising model that drives direct traffic to a website, in which the advertiser pays the publisher (Website or Search Engine) when someone clicks an ad. I have several Google Adwords qualifications and have extensive experience using Facebook Ads, the two best-known PPC models.

PPC, also known as Pay per Click, is the fastest way for your company to be present on the search results. It results in quality high targeted traffic thru the use of keywords and ad placement before the organic search results. Our Paid Search Campaign Set up is for clients who previously have not done a PPC campaign or who are disappointed with the current results from their campaign.

Exploration & Analysis

I sit down with you one on one and discuss your business. We learn as much as we can about the ins and outs of your store. Together, we talk about your perfect customers, lifetime values and goals for the future of your business. It is this initial research that allows us to construct the best Pay Per Click campaign.

Competitive Research

After we understand your business, we then find your biggest competitors and find out what makes them tick. By learning about your industry, we realize who the players are and to see their unique online footprint. We use tools to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, so we can better formulate your plan to beat them.

seo and ppcComplete PPC Technical Audit

The first thing we will do if we are taking over a campaign is to audit your current state. Do you have Conversion Tracking set up so that you can tell whether or not your campaigns are successful? Conversion tracking will also show you if there are any bottlenecks in your marketing campaign that need optimization. Next, we will review the average spend per keyword in your campaigns. Are these keywords currently driving your conversions? Are you happy with the highest cost keywords and are they aligned with the type of search your potential client would do? After this, we will look at your negative keyword list. Negative keywords save you tons of money by eliminating worthless clicks and also help by lowering your per click cost. The better your conversions, the lower you will pay per keyword.

Design & Campaign Blueprint

We take the research and analysis we have done and translate that into an effective PPC campaign. We will construct your campaigns to include all the essential concepts of success. Targetting is one of those concepts for exceptional PPC campaigns. Location, Location, Location. We must make sure you are targeting areas that your customers will be. Another way to increase click-thru rate and trust with potential clients is to use all the extensions available to your ad. Extensions are the extras that show your location, reviews, and phone to name a few. These extensions make you look trustworthy and also show people you are local.

PPC Optimization & Growth

We are not even close to finished yet. We look after your account, and when the data comes in, we make changes and pivot if necessary. Our proactive approach with Paid Ads will always be trying to improve thru A/B testing to best our previous results. You can trust that your campaign will be watched over like it is our own!

We think it is also important to look at your overall online advertising needs to make sure this piece of the pie fits appropriately.  While Facebook and Google ads are very important if you are behind in the other areas of online marketing you will be wasting money. If you don’t have a digital marketing plan we will help you create one, so you have a roadmap for the future!

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