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SMB Marketing Services

My SMB marketing services include Content Writing, SEO, Web Development, Google Analytics & Tag Manager and Small Business PPC.

SEO Audit Cape Town

Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO: The process of increasing the visibility of a website in the search engines. Technical SEO is the optimization of your website for crawling and indexing. I can do both by first doing a technical audit of your siteContinue readingSmall Business SEO

seo and ppc

PPC Services

Pay Per Click: An advertising model that drives direct traffic to a website, in which the advertiser pays the publisher (Website or Search Engine) when someone clicks an ad. I have several Google Adwords qualifications and have extensive experience using FacebookContinue readingPPC Services

google analytics cape town

Analytics & Tag Manager

Analytics: Analytics is the discovery and interpretation of data that is captured for a website. Generally speaking, most people think of Google Analytics as the main driver of this data. I am Google Analytics certified with experience in Google Search ConsoleContinue readingAnalytics & Tag Manager

Cape Town Web Development

Web Development

Web Development: A broad term that defines the scope of work in creating a website for the internet including coding and mark up. I have crafted my development thru many online courses and an intensive 3-month Bootcamp. Web Development forContinue readingWeb Development

SEO Articles & News

Below are my recent SEO articles which break down online marketing for small businesses!