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My SMB marketing services include Content Writing, SEO, Web Development, Google Analytics & Tag Manager and Small Business PPC.

Content and SEO

Content Creation

Content Creation is the backbone of the Internet. Content shapes a website and determines the success of your Marketing, SEO, and Conversions. This article will talk about my process of creating this content so that it will drive more people, get them to take action, and sell them on your services. … Continue readingContent Creation

Cape Town Web Development

Web Development

Web Development broadly refers to the process of creating (developing) a website to be hosted on a server via the internet. The development process includes the design, content, security, and configuration of the site for optimal performance. I believe that SEO and Analytics should be part of web development as well. … Continue readingWeb Development

SEO Audit Cape Town

Small Business SEO

SEO which stands for search engine optimization is the methodology of improving a website or webpage for increased visibility by ranking higher within a search engine like Google. The goal of SEO to increase the number of visitors through organic search and generally excludes both paid and direct traffic. While SEO seems like magic, it is based on testing changes within websites to understand how they may rank better. … Continue readingSmall Business SEO

google analytics cape town

Analytics & Tag Manager

Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) are two entirely different applications that were introduced by Google. Both have become staples in Small Business Marketing along with Google Search Console (GSC). These three apps allow business owners to see what their traffic is doing, find any errors in their website, and make minor changes without hiring a developer. We believe these should be set up for every small business website. … Continue readingAnalytics & Tag Manager

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